CATV Powering

Alpha AlphaGateway XMG

(Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) – Enable your XM2 or XM3 power supply cabinets for localized delivery of reliable power, high bandwidth backhaul and mounting for Wi-Fi Access Points, Security Cameras, or any other Power over Ethernet (PoE+) device. The AlphaGateway XMG combines the UPS power from the XM2 or XM3 power supply with DOCSIS 3.0 backhaul through the DM3.0 transponder to provide IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE+) powered network connectivity up to 100m from the power supply location, providing maximum flexibility for equipment mounting and positioning


Alpha 1400 Series

The Alpha 1400 Series (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) incorporates dual conversion technology that provides total power conditioning for sensitive headend electronics, regardless of the quality of utility or generator input power. This topology has a “walk-in” transfer feature which provides compatibility with most existing generators, even when sized near generator capacity. The walk-in feature also provides an upgrade path to add a second UPS which can run on the same generator should your headend load grow beyond the first UPS unit’s capacity. Internal static bypass provides redundancy in the event of overload or fault.

Alpha AlphaCell 3.5HP and 4.0HP Pure Lead Batteries

The Alpha AlphaCell™ 3.5HP and 4.0 HP (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) pure lead batteries contains pure lead technology providing up to 20% increased life expectancy. Some additional features include: Non-spillable UN2800 rating for ease of transportation, up to 5-year full warranty, 12-year design life, and string count reduction to reduce OpEx.

Alpha AlphaCell XTV

The AlphaCell XTV Battery line (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) is specifically designed for extreme outdoor temperature applications. Its virgin lead-alloy grids minimize corrosion and maximize life expectancy.

Alpha XM3-HP CableUPS Series

The Alpha XM3-HP’s (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) patent-protected Advanced Ferro Technology optimizes the ferroresonant transformer’s performance, providing ground-breaking efficiency ratings, improved protection levels and the tightest output voltage regulation ever offered.


Alpha AlphaCell GXL GelCell Batteries

Alpha AlphaCell™ GXL GelCell Batteries (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) features high-performance Silver Alloy for maximum life expectancy, longer runtime for demanding outdoor environments, 100% runtime capacity out-of-box – no cycling required and also available with 4 and 5 year full warranties.

Alpha High Security HP Enclosure

(Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) –  Alpha presents the High Security HP Enclosure to provide the toughest, most durable housing solution for critical power system components and the ultimate protection against severe weather conditions and criminal activity. Significant features include a fortified battery bar with security screws and/or padlock, 2-point hooked latch locks, a flush and reinforced door and concealed hinges to prevent unauthorized access. The High Security Enclosure is a premium housing solutions for both pole and ground mount applications.



The Alpha Alphagen (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) is a 3.0kW Portable 36/48 VDC Generator System for Emergency Backup – Alpha expands its generator family to include a portable 3.0kW DC generator. The compact, lightweight AlphaGen™ generator is designed specifically for powering cable television, telecommunications, and broadband applications that do not have an integrated generators as a primary component of the power system. The portable generator incorporates several technological advantages including: 36 or 48V selectable dual voltage output based on Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) technology, 3000 Watts of power, and oversized fuel tank for up to 20 hours of runtime at 25% load or 7.2 hours at 100% load. Additional features include a convenient front panel with a keyed on/off switch, output connector, output indicators, voltmeter, fuel valve and engine choke.


Alpha AlphaPME

The Alpha AlphaPME (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) is an Outdoor Power System Enclosure – Single power supply enclosures to support distributed powering architectures. The power supply is located on the equipment shelf above the batteries for maximum convection cooling. Ideal for use in all climates, each enclosure comes with a removable lockable door and easy opening lid. Standard features include battery slide trays, high magnetic circuit breaker, duplex AC receptacle and service power inserter.


Alpha Amp Clamp

The Alpha Amp Clamp™ (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) eliminates surge voltages in coaxial cable systems caused by lightning strikes, sheath currents and utility-induced switching transients. The proprietary Alpha design also resists false triggering, which is common among triac circuits. The plug-in Amp Clamp™ circuitry can be factory installed in the desired host hardware, or easily integrated into existing power inserters, splitters, couplers or amplifiers.


Alpha AMPS80

The Alpha Modular Power System 80HP (AMPS80), (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada), is Alpha’s new high performance AC or hybrid AC/DC system offering Telecom grade reliability, 94% efficiency, and high power density. The AMPS80 features hot swappable 2.5kVA/ 2.0kW inverter modules and optional 1.8kW rectifier modules that are the building blocks of a highly reliable power system utilizing -48 VDC battery bus. Alpha’s smart unified controller with integrated Ethernet/SNMP interface monitors and manages both the inverter and rectifier modules through a web based GUI and local LCD touch screen. The controller also features Email notification via TCP/IP, user definable alarms and data logging, flexible battery management features, and smart peripheral monitoring features.


Alpha APX2-G Series (former APC Series)

The Alpha APX2-G Series (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) is designed for communication networks that require compact, non-standby power supplies. The Alpha APX2’s ferroresonant design provides fully regulated output voltage, surge and short circuit protection.


AlphaCell OPzS- Stationary Flooded Tubular Lead Acid Battery

The AlphaCell OPzS Stationary Lead Acid Batteries (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) are designed to provide backup power for deep cycling applications in telecommunication, utility, communication and transportation industries. OPzS batteries have a long life expectancy, low water consumption and a low self discharge rate making them ideal for photovoltaic applications. A unique tubular positive plate design prevents potential escape of active materials during operation and the containers are extremely resistant to chemical influences and mechanical damage. Manufactured in accordance with DIN 40736 and ISO standards.


Alpha AlphaGen Telecom

The Alpha AlphaGen™ Telecom (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) curbside generator system is specifically designed for outside plant communication networks. Every AlphaGen system incorporates industry leading power technology, including: natural gas or propane powered engine generators, exclusive audible noise baffling, remote status monitoring features, and durable weather resistant enclosures.


Alpha GMX Series

Alpha’s GMX Series CableUPS® is a cost-effective standby power supply designed for powering signal processing equipment in cable television and broadband LAN distribution systems. It provides a critical load with current-limited, regulated, AC power that is free of spikes, surges, sags and noise. The GMX’s line interactive ferro topology allows it to compensate for input voltage variations of ±30% while providing constant output voltage.

Alpha’s GMX is a cost-effective CableUPS® designed for cable operators who need a reliable, basic uninterruptible power supply. Features of the GMX include an embedded status monitoring card slot, smart display, terminal block output connections, 63 and 87V output taps, external battery temperature probe, built-in chassis handle and removable MOV’s.


Alpha NiCad Clear Case- Nickel Cadmium Alkaline Battery

The Alpha Clear Case Nickel Cadmium (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) battery is designed to provide backup battery power to support various critical applications. This high performance battery has four different discharge models that allow the end-user to choose the correct battery bank for individual applications. The HDV NiCad Clear Case models are available for very high discharge rates. The impact-resistance clear case allows the user to easily observe electrolyte levels, as the batteries require minimal topping throughout their lifecycle. Each battery is delivered in charged condition filled with electrolyte.


Alpha AlphaGuard

The Alpha AlphaGuard Battery Charge Management System (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) monitors and protects your batteries by spreading the charge voltage equally across all the batterie in a string, ensuring that every battery in the string, whether old or new, is properly charged. With an ideal voltage always across each battery, life and runtime are optimized. Individual batteries in a string can be replaced as they fail, allowing batteries to be left in service longer. This stops the wasteful and costly practice of disposing of batteries that may have years of useful life left because one battery in a string fails or replacing batteries based on a scheduled maintenance program. With the optional communications cabling and interface module individual battery measurements are made at the batteries and reported, improving accuracy and allowing the supply to determine End-of-Discharge by individual batteries instead of the string voltage and reporting to status monitoring systems.


Alpha NiCad Translucent Case- Nickel Cadmium Alkaline Battery

The Alpha Nickel Cadmium Translucent Pocket Plate Batteries (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) are designed and manufactured in three different discharge ranges to provide battery power to support various applications. The KL/P (long discharge rate) batteries are designed for photovoltaic and energy storage applications. The KM/P (medium discharge rate) batteries provide up to 5 hours of power for switchgear and other industrial applications. The KH/P (high discharge rate) batteries are designed for start up and UPS applications. Each battery is delivered in charged condition filled with electrolyte. Built in accordance with IEC 60 623, EN60 623, and DIN 40 771.


Alpha Powernode Systems

The Alpha Powernode (PN) Series (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) enclosures offer flexibility and modular expandability for Broadband powering applications. The PN Series is designed to power the network’s capacity today, as well as support enhanced reliability options when new services are integrated. Supporting centralized or distributed powering architectures, PN Series enclosures accommodate multiple power supplies, battery strings and/or natural gas or propane generators.


Alpha Remote SPS

The Alpha Remote SPS Remote (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) 12V, 24V, 48V Solar Power System, Cisco AP 1500 Series Solar Power System, Solar Security Camera and Remote 12V HPS – > Remote 12V, 24V, 48V Solar Power System. The Alpha Energy Solar Power System (SPS) derives all of its energy from the sun. The energy collected by the photovoltaic array is stored in a bank of industrial-grade, maintenance-free, deep cycle batteries.


Alpha XM Series 2

The Alpha XM Series 2 power supply (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) is the industry’s leading power technology. A variety of power ratings make it an ideal match for network architectures worldwide.

Advanced product design features include complete modularity, increased output power and N+1 redundancy capability.AC or DC generator compatibility as well as flexible system control and advanced status monitoring options support easy migration to centralized powering.


Taikan PSP Pole Mount Power Supply

The Taikan PSP Pole Mount Power Supply has many features: Ideal for pole mounting, Indicator light when power supply is in operation, Suitable for use in areas where standby reserve power is not a requirement and more!

Myers Power Products FRP Series

The Myers Power Products FRP series power supplies provide cost-effective non-standby 60/75/87V at 3, 6, 15 or 18Amp for in/outdoor powering. Complete with outdoor enclosure and mounting bracket, ready for pole or wall mounting. Ideal for use where standby power is not required.

Myers Power Products Ground Mount
Enclosures (GME)

Myers Power Products offers Ground Mount Enclosures for a variety of applications. These outdoor-rated enclosures accommodate one power supply / UPS and 1 — 8 Group 27 / 31 top terminal batteries. Standard models include ground skirt / pedestal, cable network power interface with bypass switch, enclosure status LED, and all cables to support/connect specified number of batteries.

Myers Power Products Total System Power

Myers Power Products Total System Power solution is the industry’s most rugged outside plant network power supply / UPS. The Total System Power Solution offers a wide -40 F —158 F (-40 C — 70 C) operating range without requiring a cooling fan. The design features no exposed electronics to be subjected to environmental damage and conformal coating on all printed circuit boards to protect against moisture damage and corrosion.

Myers Power Products CTSP-SM8

Myers Power Products CTSP-SM8 is a HMS/DOCSIS transponder that mounts on the face of the TSP power supply to provide an integrated “embedded” status monitoring capability. Compatible with all TSP EM’s running v2.00 firmware or later, the SM8 provides not only the HMS power supply data set using the DOCSIS structure, it can be optionally provisioned with a VoIP/QAM test suite.

Myers Power Products Multiple Dwelling
Unit (MDU) High Security Enclosure

Myers Power Products offers high security enclosures to protect and secure coaxial, fiber cable and connections in multiple dwelling applications such as apartments, hotels and other high-density subscriber environments. Lock panel color coded marked for easy key identification. Housing can be replaced without disturbing wall-mounted back-plate, conduit and connections. Ideal for use in areas where connection security and theft are a concern.

Myers Power Products SSP Series

Myers Power Products SSP family is a unique high-efficiency scalable standby power system for the outside plant. Available in three power ranges using 1, 2 or 3 batteries per string allows the operator to achieve high-efficiency and match power system cost to the load/application. With modules that are common to the entire product family, stocking spares is easy.