Equipment Lease Financing

Cash Flow Issues Got you Down?

Whether you are a programmer ready to launch a new channel, or an MSO looking to add a headend, you know that the equipment expense is a primary concern. You are spending cash now on digital or analog receivers, modulators and upconverters and are depending upon revenues generated later to cover that expense. If you want to manage your cash flow, you should consider lease financing for all of your headend equipment purchases.

Equipment lease financing has several advantages:

1) You own the equipment
2) You have fixed, predictable payments which allow for accurate budgeting and forecasting
3) You hedge against interest rate increases and make use today of tomorrow’s less valuable dollar
4) You turn a lump sum payment into a monthly expenditure, matching your expenses with the revenues you will generate.

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. is the innovation and performance leader among CATV and High-End Broadband Electronic Equipment Providers. Unsurpassed quality and uncompromising standards of performance, reliability, and service, have made AMT’s equipment an integral component of major Multiple System Operators’ headends and networks in the United States, and among entertainment and multimedia content delivery companies around the world.

Now, we are pleased to offer our customers lease financing alternatives. Let us help you arrange an equipment lease package that meets YOUR individual needs.

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