The Alpha Alphagen (Not for Sale in the USA or Canada) is a 3.0kW Portable 36/48 VDC Generator System for Emergency Backup – Alpha expands its generator family to include a portable 3.0kW DC generator. The compact, lightweight AlphaGen™ generator is designed specifically for powering cable television, telecommunications, and broadband applications that do not have an integrated generators as a primary component of the power system. The portable generator incorporates several technological advantages including: 36 or 48V selectable dual voltage output based on Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) technology, 3000 Watts of power, and oversized fuel tank for up to 20 hours of runtime at 25% load or 7.2 hours at 100% load. Additional features include a convenient front panel with a keyed on/off switch, output connector, output indicators, voltmeter, fuel valve and engine choke.


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