L-Band Satellite Transmission

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Emcore OPG-1L Series

The Emcore OPG-1L series RF fiber optic links are designed for the openGear® platform standard and are optimized to perform in the 50 MHz to 2.3 GHz frequency range for IF- and L-Band video signals up to 30 km. They provide transparent signal transport between broadcast or cable network antenna facilities and control room terminal equipment.


Quintech AMP21501FK000

The Quintech AMP21501FK000 Line Amplifier provides variable gain to optimize the L-Band signal path through long coaxial cable runs and distribution networks.


Emcore 2990PRO

The Emcore/Force Model 2990PRO L-Band Satellite Fiber Optic Transport System provides an economical solution for transporting digital signals for numerous satellite distribution applications, including headend relocation, and distribution of digital broadcast systems (DBS). The Emcore 2990PRO utilizes a cost-effective coax cabling configuration to distribute the RF signals from the dish to the transmitter and from the receiver to the headend.



The Olson Technology Model OLRT/OLRR Rugged L-Band Link offers a high performance, versatile transport link in a very compact and rugged package. The Rugged L-Band Link has been engineered to meet today’s high performance standards for L-Band transport with an extreme bandwidth range that will also allow the system to handle the next generation of satellite signals. The Olson OLRT/OLRR is ideal for a wide variety of communications applications, including LBand satellite antenna remoting, trunking radio, telemetry tracking, and time and frequency reference distribution. The standard frequency range is 500MHz to 3,000MHz. The extended frequency range option of 10MHz to 3.6GHz allows this system to accommodate additional transponders coinciding with common European satellite communication applications.