Emcore Optiva OT-CC-16F Fan-Cooled 16 Slot Enclosure

The Optiva OT-CC-16F 3 RU 19” rack-mount, fan-cooled enclosure is a ruggedized aluminum housing unit that accepts any Optiva insert card. This 16-slot chassis provides a state-of-the-art platform for density and space utilization. A wide variety of Optiva cards have been developed for this platform including RF and microwave fiber optic transmitters and receivers, optical amplifiers, RF and optical passive devices, video, audio, data, and Ethernet products.


  • High-Capacity, 3 RU, 16-Slot Chassis Provides Optimal Space Utilization and Density
  • Hot-Swappable Redundant Power Supplies Ensure Increased Reliability
  • EMI/EMC and Safety Standards Conform to CSA and CSE Standards
  • Global Alarm LED on Front Panel
  • Flexible Mounting Options:
    • Short Mounting Ears, Rear; Short Mounting, Ears, Front; Long Mounting Ears, Rear
  • Unique Daisy-Chaining Design Better Utilizes Fiber Bandwidth
  • Flexible Chassis Design Accepts All Optiva Plugin Cards: Audio, Video, Data, RF and Microwave
  • Chassis to Card Grounding Protects Against Electrostatic Discharge During Insertion and Removal of Hot-Swappable Insert Cards
  • Ruggedized Aluminum Chassis Resists Shock and Vibration


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