Emcore Optiva OTS-2 Ku-Band

The Optiva OTS-2 Ku-Band transmitter and receiver are ideal to construct downlink 10.700 to 12.750 GHz and uplink 13.750 to 14.500 GHz transparent fiber optic links for antenna remoting, electronic
warfare systems, broadband delay lines, signal processing systems and other high-dynamic-range applications. Optiva satellite and microwave transmitters and receivers are SNMP compliant. They can be housed in the same chassis and monitored by the same Network Management System (NMS) as other Optiva cards to support transport ofmultiple signal formats and frequency bands in a single flexible platform.


  • Ku-Band Uplink and Downlink – Eliminates the performance and cost penalty of block up/down conversion
  • Low RIN Source Laser – Provides high-dynamic-range of >102 dB Hz2/3
  • Microprocessor-Based Transmitter Control for Laser Bias, Modulator Bias & Link Gain – Provides consistent high performance operation and allows for modulator low-bias operation and SFDR >102 dB Hz2/3
  • SNMP V.1 and RS-232 Monitor & Control Interface – Flexible user interface options
  • Compatible with EMCORE’s Modular Optiva Platform – Allows multiple format and frequency transport in a single chassis
  • DWDM Operation – Increases transport capacity without increasing fiber count
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