Emcore 5200 Series 6.5 GHz

The 5200 Series 6.5 GHz Fiber Optic Inter-Facility Link (IFL) is a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to coaxial cable for 20 MHz to 6500 MHz communications applications. EMCORE’s fiber optic IFLs function as transparent RF fiber links. These IFLs eliminate the limitations of copper systems by enabling longer transmission distance while retaining the highest level of signal quality. In addition, EMCORE’s fiber optics provide several other significant network advantages, including simplified network design, ease of installation, and immunity from EMI/RFI and lightning.


  • 20 MHz – 6500 MHz
  • Up to Four Flange-Mount Modules per
  • 1U chassis
  • 50 Ohm SMA
  • Variable RF Gains


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