Professional Services

AMT’s unique combination of leading distribution capabilities coupled with extensive engineering and professional services delivers your end-to-end solution.

  • 50,000 sq foot product stocking facility
  • On hand and special order inventory management
  • CPE flash and fulfillment
  • Prepack and integration lab
  • Financing
  • Sales teams and Customer service
  • Multi-vendor engineering and field services

Standardize your technology across multiple sites.   Whether it’s signal acquisition, video processing, access network, conditional access, distribution, or consumer premise devices, AMT will help you establish standards that maximize your service portfolio’s quality and cost efficiency which most effectively establishes your brand across your serviced markets.  If you have multiple sites today or are in the process of acquiring or merging, this service is designed to help you grow your bottom line.

Refresh your technology by upgrading to current and supported products.  AMT services eliminate end-of-life equipment and establish industry standard architectures for digital and IP video, and data delivery achieving the best quality of service, uptime performance, bandwidth utilization and operational efficiency.  If you are ready to stabilize or evolve your system architecture, this service is a must.

Enhance your service offering with expanded HD, VOD, multi-room DVR, DTA, or new services such as OTT and multi-screen video.  Let AMT guide you through the complicated process of channel lineup changes and other video processing changes you require. Request this service when interested in changing or adding new services to your existing portfolio.

Re-engineer your facilities to recover rack space, organize cabling, and reduce power consumption and cooling demand.   Let AMT assist you in improving your system’s operational efficiency and reduce your operating expenses.  Use this service when it’s time to address head-end layouts and physical infrastructure.

Launch of new systems with complete, end-to-end video distribution requires extensive planning and expertise to engineer, design, furnish, install, configure, authorize, provision, test, and launch.  Whether your platform is CATV, IPTV, SMATV or a hybrid, engage AMT to help you prepare and deliver your unique solution.

Protect your customers, your infrastructure, your markets, and your business.
Inquire with your AMT sales representative today for a consultation on how AMT services may help.

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