CommScope NC4000H4

The ARRIS 1.2 GHz NC4000H4 series node is designed to provide the utmost reliability, flexibility, and adaptability in an outdoor optical node platform, and is ideal for Fiber Deep applications


• 60.5 dBmV (virtual analog) high output at 1.2 GHz via GaN technology for Fiber Deep applications
• Drop‐in upgrade for the NC4000HG range of Fiber Deep nodes
• Four RF outputs, two auxiliary ports for power or video, and two fiber ports
• Multiple forward/return frequency split options
• Uses automotive blade fuses and JXP pads and equalizers
• Superior upstream performance via advanced universal digital return modules
• Integrated, all‐digital node status monitoring
• Redundant power supply option
• Strand or pedestal mountingView-PDF-button

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