Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT) and Plume Partner to Bring Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi Solutions

AMT is working with Plume to differentiate their broadband offering with personalized whole-home Wi-Fi experiences for their subscribers and unprecedented network visibility and management. All this helps to increase NPS and ARPU while lowering operational costs. Plume’s complete offering with AMT includes: Plume Adaptive Wi-Fiwhich intelligently monitors, adjusts, and optimizes their network for peak performance. …Read More


The new ARRIS DSR-7401 Transcoder IRD from ARRIS provides a high-quality cost effective solution for service continuity as Programmers sunset their satellite SD service distribution. Utilizing the latest modulation and video compression technologies,the DSR-7401 down-converts and transcodes up to 12 input HD video sources simultaneously across four satellite transponders, all from a single Programmer. Customizable …Read More

ARRIS DSR-7400 Series

ARRIS DSR-7400 HD Series is ARRIS’S next generation commerical satellite receiver/transcoder platform engineered for the cost-effective ultra high density transcoding. Available models include DSR-7403 with the capacity for 3 HD and 3 SD transcoded outputs, DSR-7406 with capacity for 6 HD and 6 SD transcoded outputs and the DSR-7412 with capacity for 12 HD and …Read More


The ARRIS DSR-6400 Series Integrated Receivers/Transcoders employ ARRIS’s fourth generation transcoding technology, incorporating the very latest encoding advancements. The performance gains found in the DSR-6400 series deliver programmers and cable operators a premium distribution solution for even the most demanding video content. Purposefully designed for scalability, the DSR-6400 series is available in configurations capable of …Read More