Ericsson SPR1200

The Ericsson SPR1200 is a high density adaptive bit-rate (ABR) stream processor for operators to launch television services in the multi-screen environment. It will deliver services to multiple internet connected devices simultaneously, including connected TVs, notepads and mobile phones. Each Ericsson SPR1200 can be configured in a high input or high output mode. In the high input mode it can transcode 12 services, each into up to 8 output profiles. In the high output mode it can transcode 6 services, each into up to 24 output profiles. The Ericsson SPR1200 and Ericsson NPR1200 work in unison to deliver services over the internet. The Ericsson SPR1200 transcodes many video and audio services into multiple synchronised profiles, then the Ericsson NPR1200 segments the profiles and wraps the packets to be sent over the internet.



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