Ericsson NPR1200

The Ericsson NPR1200 is a highly flexible network processor designed to bridge the broadcast and IT worlds in order to deliver linear TV content to connected devices using HTTP Adaptive Streaming technology. Providing a highly efficient segmentation, encryption and publishing solution, the Ericsson NPR1200 ingests the multiple profiles per service needed for HTTP Adaptive Streaming and segments them using the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and Smooth Streaming formats. It can encrypt using a variety of DRM systems, and can then publish onto multiple delivery networks, including an operator’s own on-net HTTP delivery network or a global third-party CDN (Content Delivery Network). The Ericsson NPR1200 is a core product of the Ericsson Multi-screen Video Processing solution. It also perfectly complements the Ericsson SPR1200 Multi-screen Stream Processor, which offers market-leading density and hence solves the inherent scaling issue that arises in the move from a world with a single stream per service to one with multiple streams per service.


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