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Plume – Smart Home Services Platform

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SuperPod™ Features:

•  Covers up to 2 rooms

•  4×4 and tri-band technology

•  Quadcore processor

•  2x Ethernet ports

•  Router and bridge mode

•  Broadband speed tier: up to 1Gbps

Plume offer:

Plume enables internet service providers to deliver unparalleled whole-home Wi-Fi, personalization, and security to their customers through a bundle of Smart Home Services.

For consumers:

  • Hardware: elegantly designed Pods plug directly into power outlets to ensure reliable, whole-home internet coverage.
  • Plume app: uses the provider’s brand, puts consumers in control of all their Smart Home Services.
  • Plume Adaptive WiFi™: intelligently monitors, adjusts, and optimizes in-home networks to deliver Internet services at peak performance to every device.
  • HomePass®: empowers the user to flexibly control guest and child access to the Wi-Fi network, set up profiles, and pause the internet.
  • AI Security™ detects and blocks potential security threats, customizes content access, and eliminates unwanted ads.

For service providers:

  • A full suite of intelligent back-end support tools that enable service providers to manage in-home networks more effectively.
    • Tier 1, 2, and 3 support tools that help agents provide proactive guidance and accurate troubleshooting.
    • Data-driven dashboards which can be leveraged to make informed business decisions.
    • API integrations to seamlessly connect with existing OSS and BSS.


SuperPod™ Spec Sheet

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