Blonder Tongue AQT8-IP

The AQT8-QAM/IP allows the user to create a custom IP and QAM output from off-air and/or QAM input sources. The unit accepts eight 8VSB off-air or QAM sources and simultaneously outputs these SPTS and/or MPTS programs in IP and/or QAM. At the same time, the AQT8-QAM/IP can be configured in Pass-through mode, which directly maps the demodulated RF port content in MPTS format to IP output.

• Encrypted QAM sources can be mapped to IP MPTS or SPTS formats in Pass Through mode for Remote PHY and Switch Digital applications
• Accepts up to eight RF inputs in 8VSB/QAM format
• Provides one common 8VSB/QAM input port with an internal active splitter
• 2:1 Multiplex Mode to configure eight ATSC 1.0 off-air channels to four MPTS for QAM
• PSIP manipulation
• Accepts EAS input in ASI or IP formats
• Supports EAS switching-based on contact closure trigger, or +5 to +12 VDC input
• Comprehensive GUI-based remote monitoring and control via any standard Web browser


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