CommScope FM601e-LE

For cable operators looking to ensure maximum backwards compatibility and scalability and to protect network investments, ARRIS offers solutions that deliver new services with minimal CAPEX, enhance network efficiency, and increase subscriber satisfaction.

ARRIS Flex Max® FM601e‐LE 1 GHz Line Extender Amplifiers are designed to easily and cost effectively increase bandwidth from  750/870 MHz to 1 GHz in legacy Philips networks. Featuring 1 GHz GaAs technology, the FM601e‐LE is available as a complete unit for greenfield deployments or as a drop‐in RF module for Philips 9‐NH15 and 9‐NH series housings. In addition, the FM601e‐LE is compatible with 750/870 MHz EQs and Pads, allowing operators to extend or upgrade Philips amplifier networks quickly and easily using common plug‐ins. The unit features return input pad location, and auxiliary forward interstage pad location, and customer  accessible surge terminator for easy installation and maintenance.


• Simplify plant upgrades with modular RF design
• Maintain current amplifier spacing with high output GaAs technology
• Maintain installed base with RF module support for 9‐NH15 and legacy 9‐NH housings
• Expand return path bandwidth with plug‐in diplex filter support to 85 MHz
• Minimize RF drift over temperature with standard analog or QAM ALC


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