CommScope FM331-LE

Drop‐in RF modules are a cost‐effective way for operators to upgrade networks with existing legacy C‐COR 2‐port housings—such as the FlexNet 700 series, Flex Max® FM340 series, and Flex Max® FM330 series line extenders—with minimal network disruption. The  FM331‐LE 1 GHz Line Extender Amplifier is designed to extend existing systems or build out new networks, providing operators with the ability to quickly add high output capacity with minimal disruption.  By integrating the FM331‐LE into their design systems,  operators can more cost‐effectively upgrade 750/870 MHz system bandwidths.


• Simplify plant upgrades with modular RF design
• Improve amplifier reach with optional GaN technology and increased station tilt
• Maintain current amplifier spacing with high output GaAs technology
• Expand return path bandwidth with plug‐in diplex filter support to 85 MHz
• Minimize RF drift over temperature with optional analog or QAM ALC


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