CommScope CHP CORWave D1-Dual Density and S1-Single Density Transmitters

For cable operators looking to reduce CAPEX by decreasing footprint in their headends, collapse OTNs/hubs, or save on powering, the CHP CORWave® Dual Density (CHP CORWave D1) 1.2 GHz multiwavelength forward transmitter provides an immediate 50% decrease in the number of physical devices needed for forward path transmission and some of the lowest power consumption among comparable forward transmitters in the industry. The CHP CORWave D1, with 2 lasers in a single-wide application module, increases revenue by allowing other application modules to be added for new capacity and new services without increasing the current footprint. It is available in a power conserving, single density option (CHP CORWave S1) consisting of a single laser in a single-wide application module, for use where physical footprint is not considered an issue. The CORWave multiwavelength plan allows fiber reclamation and leverages the existing fiber infrastructure for up to 4 multiplexed O-Band wavelengths and up to 30 km reach over one fiber.


• 1.2 GHz O-Band transmitter supporting DOCSIS® 3.1 bandwidth upgrades
• Maximize fiber assets with up to 4 O-Band wavelengths (starting at 1291 nm) and 30 km reach, designed for both analog and digital channel loading
• Optimize headend and hub efficiencies with industry leading density and low power consumption
• Fixed or variable output powers and extended linearization, supporting multiple optical architecture needs
• Front or rear fiber connections enable flexible installations
• Configure, monitor, and manage with CORView™ Element Management System
• Internal Electronic Slope Adjustment to compensate for headend combining and cable loss at high frequencies


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