CommScope CH3000 – CH3000C and CH3000N

The model CH3000 is ARRIS’s advanced mid‐plane, 3RU chassis design, which offers the network operator a platform featuring maximum flexibility, high packaging density and simplicity of operation. The CH3000 is ideal for all types of optical networks, single wavelength, CWDM or DWDM, and for both Analog and Digital transmission techniques.


• 3RU stackable without spacer requirement
• Mid‐plane supports power and management system
• All slots are identical: any combination of modules can be installed in any slot
• Up to 14 active full‐depth modules and one power supply
• Up to 32 passive half‐depth modules (unpowered chassis)
• Patented dynamic back plates for true plug and play
• Supports front and rear module plug‐in
• Supports remote SNMP management
• Optional fiber management adapter and fiber routing shelf accessories available


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