Myers Emergency Power Systems

Standby Power Systems, Non Standby Power Systems,
Enclosures and Security Products, Battery and Battery Management

Myers Emergency Power Systems FRP Series

Myers Emergency Power Systems FRP series power supplies provide cost-effective non-standby 60/75/87V at 3, 6, 15 or 18Amp for in/outdoor powering. Complete with outdoor enclosure and mounting bracket, ready for pole or wall mounting. Ideal for use where standby power is not required.

Myers Emergency Power Systems Ground Mount
Enclosures (GME)

Myers Emergency Power Systems offers Ground Mount Enclosures for a variety of applications. These outdoor-rated enclosures accommodate one power supply / UPS and 1 — 8 Group 27 / 31 top terminal batteries. Standard models include ground skirt / pedestal, cable network power interface with bypass switch, enclosure status LED, and all cables to support/connect specified number of batteries.

Myers Emergency Power Systems Total System Power

Myers Emergency Power Systems Total System Power solution is the industry’s most rugged outside plant network power supply / UPS. The Total System Power Solution offers a wide -40 F —158 F (-40 C — 70 C) operating range without requiring a cooling fan. The design features no exposed electronics to be subjected to environmental damage and conformal coating on all printed circuit boards to protect against moisture damage and corrosion.

Myers Emergency Power Systems CTSP-SM8

Myers Emergency Power Systems CTSP-SM8 is a HMS/DOCSIS transponder that mounts on the face of the TSP power supply to provide an integrated “embedded” status monitoring capability. Compatible with all TSP EM’s running v2.00 firmware or later, the SM8 provides not only the HMS power supply data set using the DOCSIS structure, it can be optionally provisioned with a VoIP/QAM test suite.

Myers Emergency Power Systems Multiple Dwelling
Unit (MDU) High Security Enclosure

Myers Emergency Power Systems offers high security enclosures to protect and secure coaxial, fiber cable and connections in multiple dwelling applications such as apartments, hotels and other high-density subscriber environments. Lock panel color coded marked for easy key identification. Housing can be replaced without disturbing wall-mounted back-plate, conduit and connections. Ideal for use in areas where connection security and theft are a concern.

Myers Emergency Power Systems SSP Series

Myers Emergency Power Systems SSP family is a unique high-efficiency scalable standby power system for the outside plant. Available in three power ranges using 1, 2 or 3 batteries per string allows the operator to achieve high-efficiency and match power system cost to the load/application. With modules that are common to the entire product family, stocking spares is easy.