ATX GigaWave

The ATX GigaWave DLX a next-generation digital optical gateway platform designed to provide cable operators with a powerful, futureproof and protocol-agnostic solution that enables them to expand the capacity of fiber access links between headends/hubs and outside plant facilities in a cost-effective and pay-as-you-grow manner. The aggregation platform integrates DWDM multiplexing, EDFA and optical switch functionality. When combined with the field-hardened and all-passive Digital Link Extender Receiver (DLR) unit, the pair form a platform that allows for the transmission of up to twenty 10 GigE optical links, redundantly across fiber distances of up to 60 km. The solution is ideal for use in areas where a legacy node serving area is converted into multiple Remote PHY (R-PHY)-based fiber deep nodes, which are fed via 10 GigE optical links. Support for PON transmission is also provided across the redundant links.


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