Cilutions Hosted Digital Signage

Cilutions hosted digital signage service is an affordable and secure way to create and deliver your digital signage screens, and frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network. The Digital Media Bridge web portal makes creating and delivering digital signage screens to your Internet-deployed players easy. Select from a library of stock image and video content to include in your digital signage screens and upload your own content to be delivered to each set-top box for locally stored playback. Use Amino’s suite of award-winning set-top box receivers to connect to Cilutions server for a complete digital signage offering.

Take these steps to start using Cilutions digital signage network:

Step #1: Connect your Amino set-top box receiver, with Cilutions digital signage software, to your network and TV
Step #2: With your Cilutions provided username & password log into
Step #3: Upload your image(s) and video file(s). Cilutions server will automatically convert video content for optimum playback on the Amino set-top box.
Step #4: Select from one of the pre-built digital signage templates
Step #5: Publish your digital signage screen(s) to one or more groups of Amino digital signage players

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