Decrease Truck Rolls & Customer Phone Calls with AMT’s DTA Direct Fulfillment of Motorola DTAs

December 03, 2012

Advanced Media Technologies (AMT) announced today a DTA Direct Fulfillment Program for Motorola Digital Terminal Adapters (DTAs) where DTA devices are shipped directly from distributor inventory to the subscriber home or business location, by-passing the operator warehouse completely. This service drastically reduces operator costs by eliminating inventory handling and truck rolls to perform in-home installations, speeds up delivery by eliminating a segment in the delivery chain, and enhances the consumer experience as activation calls are no longer required by the subscriber. Building on strengths as Motorola’s #1 distributor, AMT’s DTA Direct Fulfillment Program service includes the complete management of an operator’s inventory of DTA devices. DTAs are allocated, prepared with branding and accessories, and readied for rapid shipment directly to subscriber residences or places of business. Information is received and transmitted daily with the operator on orders to be fulfilled, shipment data, and status. AMT maintains extensive on-hand inventory which addresses the risk of inventory outages, and manages shipping and tracking. AMT’s Engineering and Professional Services team provides integration and configuration assistance should the operator require such help. Recently, Tri-County Communications launched DTAs to reclaim their bandwidth. Our 550 MHz system was absolutely bandwidth locked. We looked at rebuilding, but with plant interruption and customer dissatisfaction, it just wasn’t cost effective. DTAs were the most cost effective solution for reclaiming bandwidth, said Mike Lightfoot at Tri-County. Tri-County benefited tremendously with the auto activation feature that the program offers. “We don’t have a 24/7 answering service with access to our billing system to activate the DTA hit and to look at designing a portal for someone to get into our billing system was too time consuming and expensive. The fulfillment program seemed to fit the bill. We didn’t need to have a 24/7 staff and we saved a lot of time on packaging, sending, and delivering the boxes. We didn’t have the manpower for that without doing a lot of hiring.” said Mike Lightfoot at Tri-County. When asked what ratio of customers requested a truck roll or cable office visit versus utilizing the direct fulfillment concept, Mike stated “I would say 60% of our customers benefited from the fulfillment option. We had greater than 95% self install success.” Motorola’s HD-DTA100u is a smart, simple solution for HD. The small device is an ideal solution for delivering HD to additional TVs in subscribers’ homes or for attracting new basic digital subscribers.