AMT Introduces a Live Video Streaming Platform for Cable TV companies

October 19, 2010

AMT (Advanced Media Technologies) today announced a broadcast grade live HD video streaming platform designed to quickly allow operators entry into the over the top (OTT) video delivery market to PC and mobile devices. The RayV powered technology is a revolutionary platform that significantly reduces the monthly streaming and operational costs with a powerful managed Optimized Cloud Streaming architecture. The optimized streaming platform is a complete end-to-end solution, with all the features of streaming, back office business rules, targeted advertising, billing, DRM, adaptive bit rates, real time monitoring and control.

Operators can provide HD TV over Docsis, Fiber, DSL and wireless network (WIFI, 3G, LTE) devices over IP anywhere, anytime. The revolutionary technology, based on RayV’s patented Optimize Cloud Streaming™ technology and its distributed nature, creates a unique and significant advantage in quality, reliability, scalability and efficiency in IP broadcasting. The solution provides over 80% greater network efficiency compared to any other streaming solution, reducing the capital expenditure by up to 10X – all in a managed network – allowing for business strategies and broadcast level of service in extremely large scale.

AMT’s platform empowers operators to generate significant additional revenues by providing new online video (OTT) services to its existing customers, through devices including PC, mobile devices, game consoles, STB’s and slates, and to extend their content offering to local and niche programming not currently carried on the network, without significant bandwidth requirements, all with a reduced time to market.