Ruckus T300

Modern users expect reliable connectivity on their mobile devices—anywhere, anytime. But in crowded outdoor venues with thousands of users and constant
RF noise and interference, they are often frustrated by poor coverage, dropped connections, and reduced data rates. These bad Wi-Fi experiences can easily translate to negative perceptions of the venue overall.

The Ruckus T300 Series of dual-band 802.11ac outdoor access points provide consistent, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in crowded public venues, at an affordable price. Available with either internal omni-directional antennas or optional external 5GHz antenna support, the T300 Series uses patented Ruckus antenna optimizations and interference mitigation technologies to extend range, improve throughput, and deliver industry-leading 802.11ac performance to every connected client. At the same time, the T300 Series is designed for fast, simple installation with an ultra-lightweight, low-profile, IP 67-rated enclosure that can stand up to the rigors of outdoor deployments.


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