Vecima Networks Terrace QAM

The Vecima Networks Terrace QAM Hospitality Gateway is a multi-channel QAM to QAM transcryptor for use in the hospitality industry. Demodulated MPEG transport streams are decrypted by CableCARDs then either re-encrypted using Pro:Idiom® technology or left in the clear. The MPEG transport streams are re-modulated and then delivered to the desired RF channel. The Terrace QAM can decrypt 24 programs if equipped with the TQ1007LT+ processor card or 60 programs if equipped with the TQ1007+ processor card and provides up to 64 Output QAM channels to allow a full line-up of customized programming. Local content can also be added to enhance value-added advertising within the hospitality CATV network and further personalize Free-to-Guest offerings.


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