The ARRIS OM2000 produces an out-of-band (OOB) data stream to digital set-tops providing a signaling channel, transmission of program guide information, code downloads, infrared codes, application information and the downstream path in an interactive system.

Data input is configurable through Ethernet and serial connections. The OM2000 Quadrature Phase Shift Key Modulator (QPSK) modulates data on a 1.5 MHz wide carrier in the 71 to 129 MHz band with transmitted data multiplexed either in the OM2000 or externally.

Null packets are used as necessary to perform rate aggregation between its inputs and the 2.048 Mbps output. Forward error correction (FEC) encoding and interleaving protects data integrity.


OM2000 Features:

  • Receives UDP/IP Ethernet and RS-530 or RS-232 serial data from multiple external devices
  • Combines multiple sources of data into one MPEG-2 output transport stream
  • Transmits an MPEG-2 data stream (authorization information, EPG data, code downloads, interactive data and emergency alert packets) to cable terminals, individually or on a broadcast basis
  • Provides FEC encoding of the output bitstream, interleaving and randomization
  • Provides QPSK-modulated output in a 1.8 MHz carrier in RF (71 to 129 MHZ) or IF (44 MHz)
  • Provides variable RF power control
  • Provides status and alarms via SNMP traps
  • Maintains a contact closure connection with an EAS generator, and transmits EAS messages when trigged by the contact closure
  • Performs periodic insertion of internally stored messages
  • Displays chassis IP address on the front panel


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