Emcore Medallion 6000 Series

The Emcore Medallion 6000 series is a family of state-of-the-art high-performance 1550 nm externally-modulated CATV fiber optic transmitters optimized for varying network applications. Packaged in convenient 1 RU housing, this line of optical transmitters couples high optical output powers, up to 11.0 dBm, with low optical linewidth resulting in unmatched performance. The optical modulator, combined with proprietary pre-distortion circuitry, provides superior CTB and CSO performance with SBS suppression levels of greater than 21 dBm. Advanced features such as built-in field adjustable SBS control and electronic dispersion compensation allow these transmitters to be quickly optimized in the field for any link or application without the need to procure specifically tuned transmitters. This affords the system designer a level of flexibility previously unknown in the CATV market place.


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