Haivision Makito™

The Haivision Makito™ HD H.264 encoder and decoder support up to 1080p60 resolution and an incredible end-to-end latency of 70 milliseconds. Available with SDI (SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, Composite, S-Video) or DVI (DVI, XGA, Component), the Makito encoder addresses video over IP H.264 encoding anywhere on a resolution/bandwidth scale from CIF from 150 kbps to full HD at 15 Mbps. As a perfect mate the to the Makito encoder, the Makito decoder supports up to 3G-SDI and HDMI.

Makito encoders can output a variety of stream types (Unicast/Multicast TS, RTSP, RTMP) and multiple bitrates (HiLo-Streaming™) to various destinations concurrently, which allows integrators to serve desktops, mobile devices, set-top boxes, signage players, recorders, and streaming servers. The Makito also includes powerful media features such as snapshots, logo application, and Selective Mute™ to enable complete control and identification of sources and destinations directly from the encoder. The Makito is ideal for multi-channel enterprise IPTV delivery, for HD signage deployments, and for mass HD distribution/ record environments such as schools, medical facilities, stadiums, auditoriums, professional training, and simulation environments.


Makito™ Features:

  • 70 Millisecond End-to-End Latency
  • 1080p60 Resolution
  • DVI/XGA Input
  • High Density
  • End-to-End Secure Video
  • Selective Mute
  • Multi-Bitrate (MBR) Streaming


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