The ARRIS HD-DTA100u (High Definition Digital Transport Adapter) is a low cost, customer premise device that allows broadcast digital signals to be decoded from MPEG-2 transport, then converted to an analog or HDMI signal intended for display on SD and HD capable devices and QAM integrated televisions.

This allows subscribers to have the basic benefits of HD content in their home at no cost from over-the-air channels, as well as allow for a limited number of basic cable channels to be displayed in HD without the additional cost of an advanced STB.

Since the digital broadcast revolution, cable MSOs have distributed Digital Terminal Adapters (DTAs) to their basic cable customers. DTAs are a low-cost option allowing cable operators to provide basic cable to their customers without incurring the cost of advanced service set-tops. With the growing demand for HD content, MSOs want to use HD DTAs to deliver HD content to their customers while reducing their overall costs.

HD-DTA100u Features:

  • Single 54 to 1002 MHz digital video tuner
  • Digital video (64 QAM/256QAM)
  • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 digital standard definition and high definition video processor
  • Accelerated 2-D graphics
  • Integrated graphical user interface
  • On-screen diagnostics
  • External high-efficiency power supply
  • 8MB Flash, 128MB Ram of memory


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