Drake DAD860

The Drake model DAD860 Digital to Analog Decoder is a digital demodulator and decoder, for ATSC 8VSB broadcast or in-the-clear QAM television signals, that delivers a standard NTSC composite analog video and stereo audio output. This device, used in conjunction with an analog NTSC modulator, allows a cable system operator to continue to provide analog versions of services that will only be available to him as digital in the future. It may also be utilized to provide the alternate digital channels now available from many broadcasters. The DAD860 is packaged in an extruded aluminum module that is compatible with the Drake RMM12 or RMM4 rack mounting units normally used for our analog mini-rack components. The Drake DAD860 is one unit wide and thus takes one of 12 available slots in the RMM12. There is a companion controller, the DAD860 Controller, that can be used to program and monitor between one and ten DAD860 modules. The controller module is two units wide as mounted in the RMM12.


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