Cisco D9858

The Cisco D9858 Advanced Receiver Transcoder (For Sale in the USA or Canada Only) lets you deliver MPEG-4 high definition (HD) services to MPEG-2 cable television (CATV) headends. The Cisco D9858 extends the distribution options for MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) HD from MPEG-4 only environments to existing MPEG-2 networks. Support for simultaneous dual-channel decryption and transcoding provides density for locations requiring more then a single channel. The Cisco D9858 can also be used to provide a down-converted standard definition (SD) MPEG-2 program instead of one or both of the available HD transcoded programs. Video and two audio outputs are available for analog down conversion for one of the decrypted incoming MPEG-4 HD programs.


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