The ARRIS Advanced RPD (ARPD) offers greater demodulator density in a more-compact chassis than its predecessor, the RPD-2000. It offers a larger number of upstream demodulators in a smaller physical package.

Performing the same functions as the RPD-2000 while saving rack space, the ARPD allows multiple upstream demodulators to be placed in each upstream path.

This modular, 1 RU product supports the inclusion of up to six removable (hot-swappable) ADM-4000 demodulator modules. It increases the bandwidth capacity of each upstream return path, allowing the system to support increased VOD penetration and the introduction of new interactive features, such as switched digital video.


ARPD/ADM-4000 Features:

  • High-density compact design—1 RU chassis holds up to six ADM-4000 Advanced Demodulator Modules* and can be functionally equivalent to three RPD-2000s, savingrack space
  • Each ADM-4000 moduleincludes two RF ports (input and output) and supports the ability to demodulate up to three different return channels
  • A fully loaded ARPD chassis containing six ADM-4000 modules supports up to six different upstream paths and the ability to demodulate up to 18 different return channels


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