ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch

ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch

ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch enables automated and intelligent room resource switching so Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) can seamlessly co-exist with Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) and In-Room wireless presentations.

While Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) provides a simple experience for in-room participants to start a Teams meeting, it is limited in how well it can bridge the gap between people across a hybrid work environment. Simple things such as wireless content sharing from a personal device during an MTR-hosted meeting require in-room participants to join the meeting just to share content. Plus, if the room display is touch-enabled, MTR limits the presenter’s abilities to utilize those very productive features.

When paired with the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus, the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch overcomes these challenges and enhances UC room integration by enabling the room USB AV peripherals, such as the camera, microphone, speaker, and touchscreen display capabilities, to be shared regardless of the room configuration.

Not every meeting space is equipped with an MTR. So for those spaces, ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch provides users the flexibility to choose to go wireless or wired for their BYOM session, allowing guest presenters with locked-down devices to still drive the meeting.



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