Ruckus R750

The RUCKUS R750 is our high-end dual-band, dual-concurrent Wi-Fi 6 AP that supports 8 spatial streams (4×4:4 in 5GHz, 4×4:4 in 2.4GHz). The R750, with OFDMA and MU-MIMO capabilities, efficiently manages up to 1024 client connections with increased capacity, improved coverage and performance in ultra-high dense environments.


Connect more devices simultaneously
Improve device performance, by enabling more simultaneous device connections with built-in 8 spatial streams (4×4:4 in 5GHz, 4×4:4 in 2.4GHz), MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology.

High density performance
Provides exceptional end-user experience within large meeting halls, general enterprise spaces, and large classrooms with the RUCKUS Ultra-High-Density Technology Suite.

Converged Access Point
Allows customers to eliminate siloed networks and unify WiFi and non-WiFi wireless technologies into one single network by using built-in BLE and Zigbee, and also expanding to any future wireless technologies through the USB port.

Multigigabit access speeds
Optimized multi-gigabit Wi-Fi performance delivered using the built-in 2.5GbE port to connect to multigigabit switches.

Multiple management options
Manage the R750 with on premise physical/ virtual appliances and control auto-provisioning for faster deployment and seamless firmware upgrades.

Enhanced Security
Enhanced securityThe latest Wi-Fi security standard with WPA3 and receive enhanced protection from man-in-the-middle attacks in the most secure way.

More Than Wi-Fi
Support services beyond Wi-Fi with RUCKUS IoT Suite, Cloudpath® security and onboarding software, SPoT Wi-Fi locationing engine, and SCI network analytics.



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