Opticonn VX-1HDMI-LINK-2LC

The VX-1HDMI-LINK-2LC is a compact, extremely powerful fiber optic extender pair capable of extending uncompressed HDMI 1.4a (10.2 Gbps bandwidth) over fiber. Extend resolutions up to 4096×2160@30 Hz long distances up to 328 feet/100 meters on a duplex MM fiber. With its pluggable, dongle type design simply connect the transmitter directly to the HDMI connector and the receiver to the remote monitor, making a very clean installation with no other mounting kits needed. Since the VX-1HDMI-LINK-2LC uses pure fiber connectivity between the source and display, it provides the highest quality, highest isolation and most secure connection possible. The units are powered by 5VDC@1A power supplies.View-PDF-button

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