Opticonn OPT-HDMI2-SLIM-xx-P

The OPT-HDMI2-SLIM-xx-P is one of the most cost effective plenum, AOC’s (Active Optical Cable) in the AV market. It is the perfect solution for extending 4K HDMI 2.0 (18 Gbps) video and audio signals long distances to projectors, remote screens and monitors for in wall and ceiling installations in conference rooms, class rooms, board rooms and auditoriums. Traditional copper cables can only extend uncompressed 4K60 signals a few meters, however, the OPT-HDMI2-SLIM-xx-P removes those limitations by using optical fibers to extend resolutions up to 3840×2160@60 Hz long distances up to 66 feet. With its plug & play design simply connect the side labeled source directly to the HDMI source and the side labeled display to the remote display/projector. OPT-HDMI2-SLIM series AOC’s are superior to other cables in its physical form-factors and performance. The cable is thin (0.13 inches), light (0.4lbs/33ft), and strong (500N cable pulling/crush load and connector pulling strength 200N). OPT-HDMI2-SLIM-xx-P cables are the perfect solution for cost effective, long reach 4K UHD extension!


  • Uncompressed HDMI 2.0 long distance extension
  • Supports up to 4K60, 4:4:4 (3840×2160@60)
  • Supports HDR, Deep Color & 3D
  • Total data rate of 18 Gbps
  • CMP-OF Plenum jacketing
  • Slim cable and connector design
  • Hybrid fiber design for highest quality extension
  • Plug & play directly connect to HDMI connector
  • Compatible with most HDMI sources, TV’s & monitors
  • No external power supplies needed
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