Nokia Verizon COERAN Program

The Nokia Verizon COERAN program is a joint initiative where end users (customers) can purchase a Verizon signal source directly from Verizon’s supplier Nokia. Nokia sells the signal source through a Nokia fulfillment partner, AMT. The end user works directly with AMT to procure and obtain ongoing support for the signal source.

• Full turnkey solution from Nokia/AMT
• Nokia works with Verizon to obtain all necessary approvals
• Customers own the signal source (not a lease)
• Customers provide transport (LAN and Internet) to Verizon’s network
• All deployments are designed, installed and commissioned by Nokia
• Nokia performs Tier 1 through Tier 3 support and provides daily KPIs

For more details, please visit: Nokia Verizon COERAN Program or watch our Nokia Verizon COERAN Meet the Experts Session


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