DZS V5816

As the number of services using internet communication such as broadband internet, internet phone, and IPTV is increasing, the need for high performance network equipment is increasing. This is not an exception in areas where population density is low and where there are few subscribers. You can plan more effectively in terms of the cost of network deployment.

The V5816 is a compact GPON OLT system with 16 GPON ports, four 1G / 10GBase-R ports for uplinks, and four 1000Base-T ports, making it suitable for low-density and FTTx services at low cost.

The V5816 supports Gigabit ports and is applicable to a variety of network environments. In addition, the redundant con guration of the power supply is realized, and the network system is not interrupted, ensuring stable service.


  • 168 Gbps switching capacity
  • 16 GPON ports, 4 10GE ports and 4 GE (Electric) ports
  • Reliable FTTx service with power redundancy system
  • Enhanced QoS services
  • IGMP support for IPTV
  • Fully Managed via Dasan’s INAS Element Manager
  • Increased reliability through power redundancy


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