ATX Digital Video Insertion System (DVIS)


• Dynamic PID monitoring engine prevents outages of pass through and inserted programs due to PSI changes introduced by DAC/DNCS or EdgeQAMs
• “One-click” configuration download and upload for fast and easy bulk configuration management
• Enhanced graphical interface includes step-by-step feedback during QAM tuning process
• RF bypass switch bypasses deletion filter and restores original QAM in case of power failure or unit reboot
• Cost-effectively insert locally generated MDU content (e.g. security camera or localized advertising) in digital format (MPEG-2/H.264, SD/HD, QAM/IP)
• Ideal for spectrum reclamation or MDUs provisioned with digital-only set-top boxes (DTA’s)
• Scalable wall mount solution: up to 10 SD (or 5 HD) A/V programs can be multiplexed onto a QAM channel
• Satisfy any digital insertion methodology: blank QAM from headend, locally deleted QAM at MDU, and underutilized QAM (add/drop) from headend – see functional application diagram
• Integrated QAM channel deletion filter (filter is optional)
• Fully integrated audio/video encoders, demodulator, multiplexer and QAM modulator/RF upconverterView-PDF-button

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