CommScope CH3000 – PS3248

The model PS3248 is a high performance, 300 Watt power supply and controller for the model CH3000 chassis. The PS3248 accepts DC input voltages from –36 to –60 volts, and outputs 12 volts DC to the power bus of the CH3000 mid‐plane. Features include hot swap capability, redundant operation, overvoltage, short circuit protection, and over temperature protection.


• 300 Watts
• Two models available:
– Alphanumeric display (D version)
– Status LEDs (N version)
• –36 to –60 VDC input
• Over temperature protection
• Hot swappable
• Occupies two full‐depth slots
• Monitoring and control of chassis‐resident active modules via micro‐USB
• Monitors and detects chassis platform alarms
• PS3248D model enables local monitoring and control without additional support equipment


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