CommScope CH3000 – DR3450N Receiver

The DR3450N Quad Digital Return Receiver utilizes ARRIS’s state‐of‐the‐art digital reverse technology to receive 5–50 MHz, 5–65 MHz, or 5–100 MHz RF signals. 5–100 MHz modes can also be used to carry common mid‐band splits such as 5–85 MHz RF return. Its’ capabilities allow deployment of compact and robust high‐speed digital broadband systems.


• Operates in three RF bandwidth ranges: 5‐50 MHz, 5‐65 MHz, or 5‐100 MHz (firmware selectable)
• High packaging density, four receivers per single width, full‐depth module
• Single channel link mode or dual channel “2‐fer” link modes, selectable via software user interface
• High RF output: up to 38 dBmV per 6.4 MHz carrier in 50 MHz mode
• Concatenated or point to point applications
• 30+ dB of system RF gain from transmitter input to receiver output
• Superior noise performance
• Front access ‐20 dB RF test point, selectable for each input
• Hot plug‐in/out
• Local and remote status monitoring
• Occupies one full‐depth chassis slot


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