Blonder Tongue NXG-CCQD-24

The Blonder Tongue NXG-CCQD-24 (CableCARDĀ® QAM Input Decryptor Module) is part of the Blonder Tongue NeXgen Gateway (NXG) platform that decrypts HD and SD programs from a Cable or Telco TV server provider.

The NXG-CCQD-24 input module includes multiple full-band-capture QAM tuners and supports up to four (4) CableCARDs to provide ingest of up to twenty four (24) programs from the incoming cable system. The module is capable of tuning any twenty four (24) QAM channels from 54 to 1002 MHz, and will decrypt any MediaCipher, PowerKey, or NDS encryption, based upon the customer-installed CableCARDs.View-PDF-button

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