ATX miniCMTS200a

An alternative to larger, more expensive cable modem termination systems (CMTS) and second-hand units with low bandwidth, ATX’s miniCMTS is designed to provide smaller cable operators with the capabilities they need at an exceptional value. The low-cost unit supports up to 400 cable modems depending on the usage model and cable modem type (maximum of 250 DOCSIS 3.0 + 150 DOCSIS 2.0 or 400 DOCSIS 2.0). We recommend a maximum of 400 modems for hospitality applications and a maximum of approximately 200 modems for residential applications or anywhere that a higher usage model applies.

The miniCMTS offers 16 downstream bonded channels for up to 800-Mbps downstream /120-Mbps upstream data delivery. In a residential setting with 200 modems, this data rate provides for a 4-Mbps uncontended internet connection per subscriber.




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