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Microwave Filter 7893D

The Microwave Filter Series 7893D C-Band bandpass filter is installed between a TVRO feedhorn and the LNA or LNB to suppress strong out-of band interference caused by marine or airport radar systems. Coastal and marine navigational radar frequencies (2.9-3.65 GHz) are just below the TVRO band and frequently wipe-out transponders 1-5 in TVRO’s installed near harbors. The airport altimeter band (4.25-4.40 GHz) will affect channels 22-24 at TVRO sites near airports. The Microwave Filter model 7893D interference filter operates at RF before down conversion. This prevents the generation of undesirable mixer products and receiver “desensitization” due to strong out of band signals.

13961wMicrowave Filter 13961

The Microwave Filter 13961W combines innovative design techniques with the solid performance of its renowned predecessor (model 13961).


Microwave Filter 13961WE

The optimum filter choice for eliminating interference from WiMAX, RADAR and virtually any other potential source of out-of-band interference. Combining model 13961W performance with special component-plating processes, the model 13961WE offers truly enhanced performance.

Microwave Filter 18255

Designed for full (universal) Ku-band operation, this TRF provides deep rejection of the transmit band with minimal effect on the receive band.


Microwave Filter 6211LP/HP 

The 6211LP/HP are a series of lowpass and highpass filters that are factory assembled networks, consisting of channel deletion filters and custom designed lowpass and highpass filters. The combination results in a “brickwall” filter eliminating blocks of channels while preserving adjacent channels of interest. The primary applications include deleting blocks of channels for re-insertion purposes, while maintaining the integrity of close adjacent channels. These networks allow for maximum use of existing cable spectrum. The operating temperature for the 6211 series is from 13 C to 33 C.

Microwave Filter 3271SUB, 3272 Series &
3271AB Series

The Microwave Filter 3271SUB, 3272 Series & 3271AB Series are analog (CATV) channel deletion filter.

Microwave Filter 7964

Filter networks for suppressing an arbitrary number of contiguous channels are supplied to order. For only a few channels, a series connection of individual channel deletion filters is used. For a large number of contiguous channels, a special network is used. It’s components consist of a “Brickwall” lowpass and highpass filter and a pair of specially designed bandsplitters. For an intermediate number of contiguous channels, two single channel deletion filters establish the “Brickwall” ends while a less selective network deletes the middle of the specified stopband. Available for channels 2-116.

Microwave Filter 3303D Series & 14584D Series

This bandpass filter isolates a single digital channel from all other CATV channels – including adjacents. Ideal for signal-conditioning of re-modulated programming.

Microwave Filter 17700 Series

The 17700 series of channel elimination filters delete entire QAM channel for the purpose of reinserting alternate programming.

Microwave Filter 17900 Series

The 17900 Series (Contiguous) Multi-Channel Deletion Network deletes a block of consecutive QAM channels – for the purpose of reinserting new programming within that block – without disrupting adjacent QAM (or analog) channels performance.

Microwave Filter 19128L & 19128H

These filter series’ consist of a combination of “brickwall” channel deletion components and lowpass (or highpass) components. Each combination results in a “brickwall” lowpass (or highpass) filter assembly for adjacent QAM channel operation. The primary application is to delete an existing group of contiguous channel programs for the purpose of reinserting new programming (i.e. – cameras, educational programming, etc.), while preserving adjacent QAM channel programming.