Lindsay Broadband

Lindsay Broadband- With 65+ years in the business, Lindsay knows the cable and wired communications industries. Only the best components enter its manufacturing facility; only the toughest products leave it. Lindsay’s RF, optical, powering, and business services solutions connect today’s most discriminating operators with demanding end-users around the world

Lindsay Broadband LBON520AC 1.2GHz

Lindsay Broadband LBON520AC 1.2 GHz Series
Lindsay Broadband LBON520AC Series 1.2 GHz

The LBON520AC series is Lindsay Broadband’s third-generation RF over glass (RFoG) premise optical network unit (ONU) with xPON pass through port. It supports the overlay of GEPON and 10G EPON with RFoG to coexist on the same fiber network. The LBON520AC ONU incorporates the necessary filtering for proper rejection between the RFoG and 1G/10G PON wavelengths.

The LBON520AC ONU supports 42/54 MHz, 65/85 MHz, and 85/102 MHz frequency splits with the downstream frequency band out to 1218 MHz. It has a 1610 nm upstream optical wavelength, and a 1550 nm downstream optical wavelength.

Lindsay’s LBON520AC series comes standard with automatic gain control (AGC) and burst-mode return lasers (2 or 3 mW).


  • Input Optical Wavelength: 1550 nm
  • Optical AGC: -6 to +2 dBm
  • Thermally-stable DFB burst-mode laser
  • Transmit Wavelength: 1610 nm
  • Downstream Bandwidth: 102-1218 MHz
  • Upstream Bandwidth: 5-85 MHz
  • Output RF Level: 20 dBmV at 1002 MHz
  • RF Bi-directional Test Point: -20 dB
  • Pwr-On, Opt I/P, Opt TX LED indicators
  • Future Optional Split: 204/258 MHz

Lindsay Broadband LHA 41RM

Model LHA41RM is a TOUGH indoor MDU amplifier specifically designed for broadband distribution systems in apartment buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and similar facilities having specific high RF amplification requirements. Designed to mount directly to a wall with increased heat dissipation properties and low power consumption this amplifier runs cool and reduces operational costs. Flexible two-way diplex filter options and the latest GaAs – Fet Push-Pull technology provide superior distortion performance and low noise to 1GHz.


Lindsay Broadband LB-ON-300AC/400AC

The Lindsay Broadband RFoG product family includes several optical network units (ONU’s). LB-ON-300AC is a compact bi-directional optical node, the ideal platform for delivering upstream and downstream DOCSIS, voice, video and high speed data service over FTTX applications.
The LB-ON-300AC includes Automatic gain control (AGC), Burst Mode Return Lasers, and optional bandwidth splits. The LB-ON-400AC has the Optional PON Pass-through port.

Lindsay Broadband LRSA004S and LSRA008S

The Lindsay Broadband reverse-active subscriber amplifier (LRSA) avoids that outcome by incorporating a completely standalone passive home phone port to route all voice and data signals. Available in five- or nine-port design. The compact, environmentally hardened amplifier features upstream and downstream unity gain and power insertion options on home phone and video ports. Preassembled network interface unit (NIU) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) options also available.



Lindsay Broadband LBDG-DV

The Lindsay Broadband DOCSIS gateway (LBDG-DV) allows the use of any AP, IP camera, etc. on the HFC strand. You can use a Lindsay recommended device or any AP (or other IP device) that is either 802.3af compliant or accepts passive power over Ethernet (PoE). Designed to maintain reliability but minimize costs, the hardened LBDG uses a standards based DOCSIS cable modem that is wholly under the control of the MSO. It can be used in conjunction with SNMP monitoring systems to evaluate cable plant line conditions.


Lindsay Broadband LBEG-A4

The LBEG-A4 delivers 4 high quality Voice over IP lines and is flexible to any installation be it strand, vault or wall. Designed with the Cable Operator in mind the DOCSIS 3.0 8X4 EMTA is wholly under the control of the system operator, it can be used in conjunction with his SNMP monitoring system. Small and medium business environments have been mandated to reduce overhead.


Lindsay Broadband LBSXT-5HnD

SXT 5HnD is a low cost, high speed 5GHz wireless device. Dual chain 802.11n and Nv2 TDMA technology help to achieve even 200Mbit real throughput speed.
Complete with a ready to mount enclosure and built -in antenna, this is the perfect CPE.
Powered by RounterOS it is also the most advanced router, bandwidth controller and firewall.



Lindsay Broadband SMHAP

The Lindsay Broadband (SMHAP) strand-mounted, hardened access point is a quick and easy way to extend your plant to previously unavailable business customers and Wi-Fi users for additional revenue, with connection at any power-passing tap or directional coupler. Featuring Mikrotik router boards that offer multiple secure management, radio and advanced routing and bridging options. Cost-effective, technician-friendly, with proven technology and reliability.


Lindsay Broadband OSMHAP

The Lindsay op!cal strand-mounted, hardened access point (OSMHAP) integrates standards-compliant radios with E-O media converters in a single Lindsay TOUGH pla&orm that is ideal for serving business customers who were previously out of reach of the typical CATV footprint. The Op!cal SMHAP installs quickly where fiber access and HFC plant power are available.


Lindsay Broadband 9000HAP

The Lindsay 9000-class hardened access point (HAP) offers integrated surge protection and maximum heat dissipation in a weather-proof, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. The integrated antenna port and Ethernet entry point are both surge protected. The 9000HAP comes with dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n radio technology and can be configured for hotspot, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint bridges.


Lindsay Broadband LBOG

The Lindsay Broadband optical gateway (LBOG) is a hardened, strand-mounted answer to the question of how to offload GigE traffic from outdoor networking elements (IP security cameras, Wi-Fi, RF, microwave, Pico cell) to your fiber network. Available with SFP transceivers, WDM and single or paired fiber links up to 120km. Features input media converter and PoE options for IP devices. Deploy th is HFC-powered backhaul solution within one hour and manage it remotely via SNMP agent, SSH or web browser.

OFN_1020Lindsay Broadband OFN 1020 Series

The Lindsay Broadband OFN1020 Series of optical fiber nodes are a compact, two-way, full-featured optical node designed to deliver video and data traffic for FTTP applications.


Lindsay Broadband LBA3827

The Lindsay exclusive multiple dwelling amplifier delivers reliable performance supporting DOCSIS® 3.1 frequencies to 1.22GHz. The unique design offers configurations for 42 and 85MHz upstream bandwidth requirements.



Lindsay Broadband LA35R

Model LA35R is a TOUGH indoor MDU amplifier specifically designed for broadband distribuon systems in apartment build-ings, hotels, schools, hospitals and similar facilies requiring RF amplification.