ATX I-HUB-HSG2 (Chassis & Accessories)

The ATX I-HUB-HSG2 die cast aluminum housing provides a completely field-hardened solution eliminating the need for costly buildings & OTN sites. The housing is designed for pedestal, street cabinets, underground vaults or aerial strand mounting. The housing accommodates 10 application module slots, four in the base & six in the lid. A family of application modules makes the I-HUB ideal for advanced optical multi-wavelength forward & return path applications.

AC power is inserted on either end of the housing & two independent sources can be used for power source redundancy. Backplane boards mounted on each side of the housing provide A & B powering & communication to all I-HUB modules & control module. Dual load sharing 100W high efficiency power supply modules are distributed across the 10 slot locations.

Optical cable access is available at both ends of the housing with a specialized compression fitting to mount outside fiber plant cable or fiber service entry cables
(not included). Fiber management splice & storage trays reside on both sides of the housing & above the modules. The trays are mounted on the raceway support system which can swivel for module access. Fiber jumpers are routed through the fiber channels & up to the corresponding trays & modules.

One of two controller modules is available to be installed in the lid of the housing & does not occupy one of the 10 application module slots.

IH-CTLR2: Supports DB15 serial interface for hand-held interface or CLI. Also supports FSK carrier source to be transported back to the headend/hub receiver for 1-way monitoring of I-HUB.
IH-CTLR3: Supports same as CTLR2, but adds RJ45 port & dual SFP cages for up to 3x 10/100 Ethernet interfaces for Web/SNMP monitor & control, locally or remotely.


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