Opticonn DME-400

The Opticonn DME-400 encoder and DMD-400 decoder is the perfect solution for high quality, low latency streaming over IP networks. The flexible design allows a wide variety of signal types/video interfaces to be sent over the network. The DME-400 has 3G-SDI, HDMI and VGA video inputs. Along with video streaming, it supports bi-directional analog stereo audio and RS-232/422 serial data for control. Additionally, it uses a high quality H.264 codec supporting up to 1080p@60, Full HD video at low bit rates. The DME-400 encoder when paired with the DMD-400 decoder can achieve 80 ms latency for live streaming applications. The DME-400 is the perfect solution for streaming broadcast quality video, audio and RS-232/422 serial data over LAN using UDP or RTP, but is also is capable of RTSP streaming for media server applications. Finally, the DME-400 & DMD-400 has the ability to select inputs on the fly by using the select button on the front panel; easily select between any of the connected video source inputs (3G-SDI, HDMI or VGA) and stream over the IP network.


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