Test Equipment




ATX Pro:Idiom® Key Refresh Device (ReKEY nano)

The ATX ReKEY nano device can easily update any QAM TV (or STB) with a corrupted/lost Pro:Idiom® key. Update the Pro:Idiom key and receive visual confirmation via TV within 60 seconds. This device repairs TVs with a single button press (once the ReKEY device is configured for the first TV at a property) and can connect directly to the affected TV, eliminating risk of corruption to additional TVs. It offers a compact and light design for easy portability and provides simple operation with pushbuttons & LCD display.

ReKEY Features:

Easily update any QAM TV (or STB) with a corrupted/lost Pro:Idiom® key
Update Pro:Idiom key and receive visual confirmation via TV within 60 seconds
Repairs TVs with a single button press (once the ReKEY device is configured for the first TV at a property)


Blonder Tongue BTPRO-1000

The Blonder Tongue BTPRO-1000 is a versatile CATV test instrument for measuring both digital and analog CATV and Broadcast TV signals. Robust and easy to use, BTPRO-1000 provides hours of operating time from its high capacity battery. The instrument comes complete with soft carrying case, AC main and automotive chargers.


Blonder Tongue MTSA-PRO

The Blonder Tongue MTSA-PRO (MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer – ASI/RF/IP to USB) is a compact device used to capture, analyze and/or generate MPEG ASI transport streams. The MTSA-PRO features a single DVB-ASI input and output with USB (half duplex), and RF input.The MTSA-PRO with its included software combined with a user’s PC creates an MPEG ASI Transport Stream Analyzer for real-time analyzing, monitoring, and decoding. The MTSA-PRO can also serve as a PSI/PSIP generator and advertisement inserter.

MTSA-PRO Features:

Real time analysis via RF/ASI/IP input and TS file
Single DVB-ASI input and single DVB-ASI output adapter for USB (half duplex)
MPEG TS analysis and capture
USB 2.0, bus powered, no power supply required


Advanced Fiber Solutions CATV
Advanced Fiber Solutions CATV Meter Fiber Test Equipment



Advanced Fiber Solutions DR-500

The new DR-500 series from Advanced Fiber Solutions is a handheld full color display Optical Time Domain Reflectometer. The unit is one of the most compact OTDR’s on the market today, ideal for handheld use and pocket transportation. The unit is light weight weighing less than 1.6 Lbs. It is extremely rugged with a thick protective rubber boot surrounding the outer case. It also offers a long battery life enabling the technician to continuing test up to eight hours.


Applied Instruments NS-1

The Applied Instruments NS-1 is a handheld broadband noise generator. It generates a wide, even, RF noise signal. The NS-1 is popular for testing network components and aligning a building’s coaxial cable network.


Applied Instruments NS-3

The Applied Instruments NS-3 Broadband RF Noise Generator provides an extremely flat AWGN (Addictive White Gaussian Noise) signal from 5 to 2150 MHz. The output level adjusts in 0.1 dB steps over a 30 dB range. The benchtop configuration is standard and an optional two unit rack enclosure is available. The RS232 remote control interface simplifies its use in automated test and factory ATE environments. The NS-3’s combination of range, versatility and value make it the ideal general purpose broad-spectrum signal source for bench and ATE applications.


Applied Instruments Super Buddy

Complete more installs faster and better using Applied Instruments’ Super Buddy™ meter! Be “sure of your bird” with the positive ID feature or use the automatic scan to identify the unknown satellite. Tired of loading new satellite plans? Super Buddy’s geo-sensitive “Field Guide” shows you just the birds visible to your install — ALL of them, and their individual transponders. Navigate easily from bird to bird with left/right arrows and through individual transponders with up/down arrows. It’s the BEST and the EASIEST!


Applied Instruments Super Buddy 29

The Applied Instruments’ Super Buddy 29 has all of the great features of the standard Super Buddy satellite meter plus an internal combo 21 volt / 29 volt module to power the new DIRECTV SWM LNBs and the WildBlue / Telesat / Xplornet TRIAs!



Applied Instruments XR-3

The Applied Instruments XR-3 is a revolutionary test instrument platform. The base unit is a rugged chassis, display, and portable power supply that accepts easily swappable modules for test signal measurement purposes. The XR-3 is economically efficient because it allows you to choose only the test modules that your application requires. In the future as your testing needs change, you’ll need only a new module, not an entire instrument.



Applied Instruments XR-CA-01 Cable Air Module

The Applied Instruments XR-CA-01 is a digital and analog CATV/VHF/UHF Off-Air Signal Level Meter Module.



Applied Instruments XR-S2ACM-01 VSAT Modules

The Applied Instruments XR-S2ACM-01 is a satellite signal level meter module for VSAT, Broadcast TVRO & International DTH.


Applied Instruments XR-TS2-01 DBS Module

The Applied Instruments XR-TS2-01 is a satellite signal level meter module for North American DBS & Broadcast TVRO.



Applied Instruments Test Equipment

Applied Instruments Test Equipment – Satellite Meters



Imagine Communications CMN-LA

Imagine Communications’ CMN-LA (For Sale in the USA Only) loudness analyzer is a comprehensive audio monitoring tool that makes it easy to confirm compliance with the latest loudness requirements. Loudness and true peak measurements are made to the ITU-R BS.1770 standard with five times oversampling. Metering of up to 16 channels simultaneously makes for rapid alignment checks.


Imagine Communications TVM-4DG

Imagine Communications’ TVM-4DG (For Sale in the USA Only) multiformat waveform monitor/vectorscope is an easy-to-operate tool for monitoring HD-SDI (1080 and 720) and SD-SDI (525 and 625) signals is housed in a convenient half-rack scope package. The display can show any one of the following: waveform, vector, gamut, picture or Videotek® patented timing display.

Displaymax800 Sadelco DisplayMax800CLI

The Sadelco DisplayMax 800CLI is powerful enough to maintain the headend, yet simple enough for routine installation checks. With a wide range of measurement options, a technician can quickly check an individual channel, favorite channels, all channels, tilt, leakage, ingress, C/N or HUM.

displaymax5000 Sadelco DisplayMax 5000

The Sadelco DisplayMax 5000 provides a complete test solution for today’s installation workforce. The 5000 series measures analog and digital channel power as well as quality measurements such as MER, BER and C/N. Return levels are measured using a built-in DOCSIS modem, insuring sufficient headroom for reliable modem operation.