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The ARRIS AGB240 ASI to Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Bridge enables service providers to cost-effectively migrate legacy ASI video equipment to IP networks in headend environments.

AGB240 delivers highly reliable bridging of traffic from ASI video service outputs in legacy equipment, such as satellite receivers (IRDs), encoders and Cherrypickers®, to a common GigE IP backbone or transport network.

This simple, stand-alone solution also provides significant power savings to service providers by using 90 percent less power than alternative solutions.


Raydian VS400M

The Raydian VS400M Passive Splitter answers a demand from systems engineers for an economical way of dividing a single serial digital video signal between two destinations. The modules are designed for in line use and, having no powered components, are as simple to us as a T-piece. A modest signal loss is incurred from the use of these modules, but they can be used freely on all medium and short cable runs.




The Quintech SRR Series RF Routing Switches & SRX Series Modular (up to 128×1) RF Routing Switches are uni-directional, programmable RF routers that provide RF signal routing capabilities. They are equally suitable for baseband, data, IF, or RF switching environments.



The Quintech SRM Series (Modular Full Fan-out, Non-blocking) RF matrix routers allow any of 16 to 128 inputs carrying RF signals to be routed to any of 16 to 128 outputs. The systems utilize patented stack-and-tier technology which offer ultra-reliability and high-performance in a compact, modular design.

LC2400Tripp Lite LC2400

The TRIPP Lite LC2400 (Line Conditioner / AVR System Automatic voltage regulator / Power conditioner AC surge suppressor) is a 2400 watt Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) system. Protects sensitive electronics, computer accessories and home theater equipment from power-related damage and performance problems. Extends the useful life of connected equipment by providing optimum voltage conditions for enhanced efficiency and cooler internal operating temperatures. Reliable transformer-based voltage correction circuits maintain 120V nominal output during voltage fluctuations between 89 and 147V. Three levels of voltage stabilization offer targeted response for over voltages, under voltages and severe brownouts.