Over the Top Video OTT


Haivision Video Cloud

The Haivision Video Cloud™ is unique in providing an end-to-end solution – from live encoding of your events, through cloud transcoding, automated video content management and publishing, across the world’s foremost Content Delivery Network (CDN), and ultimately to any connected device to provide an exceptional user experience. The Haivision Video Cloud also includes an easy-to-use Site Builder to jump-start your micro-sites for high quality live and on-demand video experiences on all connected devices. Finally, the Haivision Video Cloud includes powerful real-time viewer-based analytics so you can monitor and manage audience experience, engagement and viewing quality.

Video Cloud Features:

End-to-End Media Solution
Live and On-Deman
Automated Content Workflows
Site Builder
Configurable Flash/HTML5 Video Players
Comprehensive API’s
Extensive Analytics & Reporting


Haivision Furnace™

The Haivision Furnace™ IP video system provides a complete infrastructure for delivering secure video to every desktop, display, and mobile device within an organization with its patented “zero install” InStream player, featuring LMS integration, VOD capabilities, and sophisticated administrator control tools. With fine-grained control of all viewers and displays, Furnace is ideal for managing and distributing enterprise video securely, establishing HD digital signage throughout a facility, providing on-demand material, and capturing, organizing, and reviewing events and digital assets.

Furnace Features:

End-to-end AES encryption
“Zero Install” InStream player
Cross-platform player
User authentification
Detailed reporting
Integration with LMS systems
Command & Control